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Computerized Automatic Cementing Heel and Side Lasting Machine (Servo-motor feeding)(Exclusive high heel shoes)

Product Manual  (Message board、Videos、E-Catalog → Member Center)

◎Initiated in Asia, heel and side lasting machine. (Exclusive high heel shoes)

◎Servo-motor feeding is the best and most accurate cementing system.

◎Especially for automatic production, accomplishing heel and side lasting up to 13cm high heel lady shoes in onice. (Patented) (fig.2&fig.3)

◎Five blocks of finger-press can be controlled independently depending on different sizes of shoe.

◎The quick seventh-sectional switch can adjust the cementing path very accurately in different sizes of the shoe. (fig.4)

◎It can simply rotating two screws to regulate the correct cementing path of shoe waist, and it is just one of benefit of quick adjustment features. (Patented) (fig.5)

◎It also have automatically left and right shoe detection system, auto-detect the right side or left side of the shoe waist to change the cementing path. (Patented)

◎The cementing distance is according to the laser point.

◎It have optional installation of high-definition camera under the machine with a 7inchs colorful screen which could help the operator to notice inaccurate positon of shoe waist and adjust before lasting. (fig.6)

◎Automatically cementing function, special design of the dynamic cementing racers equipped two sections of cementing system which makes the adjustment of cementing path easily to control and reach the accuracy.

◎Pincers could be pull-up automatically, not only equipped the synchronic adjustment of pressure on right and left pincers, but also the high pressure lifting could be controlled independently pull-up inch by inch.

◎It could adjust left and right spacing of pincers, and it could be independently or synchronically controlled by motor.

◎SP-657MAE equipped forward and upward pulling after clamping of pincers, and the motor controlled side lasting structure and pincer’s movement are equipped with 300 sets of memory for different shoe models.

Product Specifications  (Message board、Videos、E-Catalog → Member Center)




Automatic Cementing



2.75 KW

Heating Power

1.5 KW

Hydraulic Pressure

50 kg/cm2


1300~1600 pairs/ 8 hours


1080 kg


Be provided before shipment

Dimension (L×W×H)

1630(L)×1300(W)×1720(H) mm

Packing Size (L×W×H)

1730(L)×1400(W)×2020(H) mm

Hydraulic Oil Capacity

90 liters