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Visual Locus Setting Four-Axis Servo Controlled Heel and Side Lasting Machine

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◎Using the most advanced visual identification technology to format the cementing locus, and it will convert the shape into a proportional cementing path and four-axis servo-controlled cementing system to control two cement nozzles, and it is easier and more accurate to operate.(fig.2)

◎Three sections of servo-motor cement feeding control could quickly regulate cement quantity for each section with digital display as reference to certain the exact cement quantity.(fig.3)

◎Programmability and Parameter Storage:

(1) programmable servo-controlled cementing path;(2)the angle of side-pressing seat is controlled by motor-driven mechanism according to different height of waist, the angel of side-pressing seat can be memorized with automatic left/right swapping function to adjust the best pulling position;(4)equipped with 2000 sets of parameter storage.

◎Narrow waist shoes could switch left and right way automatically, and normal side and heel lasting machine needs to distinguish between left and right way producing when meeting narrow waist shoes.(Patented)(fig.4)

◎Last supporter automatically adjusted memorizes function, work in with Bar Code and RFID automatically adjusted shoes size and the up and down, rear and back position of last supporter.(fig.5)

◎It is suitable for producing shoes with narrow waist like football shoes, soccer shoes and all kinds of lasting shoes.

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